Hi, I'm Erin and welcome to Yarn Matter! I live in Austin, TX but I grew up in Canada. I have a Bachelor's degree in Applied Math and a Master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

The name "Yarn Matter" was chosen to encompass anything and everything related to or made from yarn. As I was choosing the direction I wanted to go with this small business, I didn't want the name to be limiting in which fiber crafts I chose to pursue.

I was inspired to start crocheting in 2020 by a friend who also wanted to explore the world of crochet. As I discovered more of the fiber community, I quickly grew to love crocheting and decided to start pattern testing. Pattern testing for several months inspired me to start designing my own patterns and to dye my own yarn.

I have always been passionate about finding eco-friendly, sustainable solutions and making changes in my life to reduce waste. In addition to using natural dyes and untreated yarn, I also try to reuse water baths as much as possible to reduce water consumption during the dye process. All of my packaging materials are also recyclable, so please remember to reuse or recycle the packaging!

With my mathematical background and attention to detail, I have also recently moved into the tech editing space. It has been a perfect fit for me and I really enjoy editing patterns and helping designers make them be the best they can be before publishing. 

Thank you so much for following along on my fiber journey and I hope you find something you like in the shop! You can also find me on Instagram @yarnmatter - I'd love to connect with you.