Natural Dye Process

I have always been passionate about finding eco-friendly, sustainable solutions and making changes in my life to reduce waste. Therefore, I only dye with natural materials and use only untreated yarns. The dye materials come from a variety of foliage, food waste, and insects. 

The natural dye process is slow and steady. Especially for non-superwash yarn, the dye baths must be heated slowly and carefully in order to keep the yarn from felting. I also try to reduce the amount of water and energy my dye process consumes, therefore lengthening the amount of time the process takes. 

Like synthetic dyes, natural dyes will eventually fade to lighter shades. To prolong the life of your naturally dyed yarn, follow the recommended care instructions. While I take calculated measures to ensure the dyes adhere properly to the yarn, some bleeding may occur while washing the yarn.