Colorway Gallery

Here you will find a gallery of all colorways from past collections.
  • Merlot

    Merlot is a purple leaning red inspired by the glass of merlot that accompanies a warm, hearty fall dinner. The lipstick stain on the glass, indicative of gratitude and fulfillment.

  • Crimson

    Crimson is a true red, inspired by the changing of seasons and red maple leaves covering the trees. The beauty of peak fall when the leaves have all changed colors but have not yet fallen, creating the most beautiful scenery.

  • Sienna Spice

    Sienna Spice is a rustic orange, inspired simply by the feeling of the fall season. The comfort and nostalgia that comes every year with the changing leaves, everything pumpkin, and warm spices.

  • Autumn Bloom

    Autumn Bloom is a variegated colorway with reds, oranges, and yellows. It was inspired by the scene of walking through a forest whose floor is covered in so many colored, fallen leaves that you can't even see the trail.

  • Golden Hour

    Golden Hour is a golden yellow that was named exactly after its inspiration. The warmth of the sun hitting just right, in that perfect spot that makes its focus glow.

  • Forest Walk

    Forest Walk is a khaki green inspired by misty, hazy forests. The chill is tangible as you find your way along the mysterious path.

  • French Vanilla

    French Vanilla is a warm, barely there, cream colorway. It was inspired by the warmth that burning candles bring to your space, infusing the air with the smell of French vanilla.

  • Toffee Cream

    Toffee Cream is a light brown neutral that was inspired by cream filled chocolates. The smooth, rich texture that hits your tongue after taking that first bite into the chocolate's firm outer shell.

  • Cappuccino Swirl

    Cappuccino Swirl is a lightly variegated colorway with a cream base and shades of brown layered on top. It was inspired by the depth and layers in a good hot drink that warms you up on a crisp fall day.

  • Harvest

    Harvest is a golden brown inspired by wicker baskets used to harvest crops. Transformed into a hearty meal, you get the feeling of fullness, warmth and satisfaction.

  • Stormy Night

    Stormy Night is a purple toned gray that was inspired by fall thunderstorms that bring the humid and heavy air, the showers and dark clouds. The soothing feeling of cozying up with a book or movie, the sound of rain hitting the window, and a candle burning beside you.

  • The March

    A variegate that combines all the colors of the girls’ dresses, from reds and pinks to teals and blues, and all the colors in between. It is representative of the mix of colors that appears on the stage when they dance the march. 

  • Red Party Dress

    A semi-solid slightly purple-leaning red that is a perfect classic for the holiday season.

  • Pink Party Dress

    A semi-solid light blush pink. It is a special shade that Clara wears during the party that makes her stand out, but also blends perfectly with the other party dresses. 

  • Teal Party Dress

    A semi-solid rich teal that compliments the green sets and holiday decorations. 

  • Blue Party Dress

    A semi-solid traditional blue for the wintery, holiday season. 

  • Snow Scene

    A variegate that represents the all the shades of blue seen in the sets of the snow scene. 

  • Pas De Deux

    A semi-solid soft light blue with a slight purple undertone to represent the pas de deux between the Snow Queen and the Prince. 

  • Angels

    A variegate with a cream base and golden brown splashes on top. It represents the soft and graceful costumes which were a silky off-white with gold wings in the back, gold stars shooting up from the bottom of the skirt, and other gold accents throughout.

  • Sugar Plum Fairy

    A semi-solid deep but delicate plum purple, as is the sugar plum fairy. 

  • Clowns

    A two-toned gumdrop-like colorway, representing the colors of the clowns. “Boy clowns” wore pink costumes with aqua hats, while the “girl clowns” wore aqua costumes with pink hats.

  • Boy Clown

    A semi-solid light pink with a peachy undertone that matches the main color of the “boy clown” costumes!

  • Girl Clown

    A semi-solid light aqua that matches the main color of the “girl clown” costumes! 

  • Mother Ginger

    A delicious, semi-solid warm brown colorway that fills the room with the scent of gingerbread. 

  • Christmas Fairies

    A variegate with soft pink layers and splashes of darker pinks throughout.

  • Reed Pipes

    A semi-solid blue leaning green that is just perfect for the holidays! 

  • Flowers

    Flowers is a fun variegate composed of a semi-solid hot pink and splashes of green and deep purple to represent our costumes!

  • The Jester

    A semi-solid cool deep purple that coordinates with Flowers! 

  • PB & B

    Your classic peanut butter and banana smoothie, PB & B has a pale banana yellow base with layers of various shades of brown.  

  • Marzipan

    PB & B’s semi-solid pair, Marzipan is a creamy off-white. It is very similar to my colorway French Vanilla but it everrrr so slightly leans more brown.

  • Walking on Sunshine

    As the brightest, most citrusy summer smoothie, Walking on Sunshine features a bright yellow base with varying shades of bright orange on top. 

  • Freshly Squeezed

    Who doesn’t love a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice? One of Walking on Sunshine’s semi-solid pairs, Freshly Squeezed is the bright and sweet orange component of this refreshing smoothie.

  • Zesty

    The second semi-solid pair to Walking on Sunshine, Zesty brings the tangy, fun side to the smoothie with its orangey yellow hue.

  • Green Thumb

    Your typical green smoothie, Green Thumb is packed with light super greens! With the occasional pop of bright yellow, this smoothie is sure to keep you energized throughout the day.

  • Spring Greens

    The main ingredient in the Green Thumb smoothie as its semi-solid pair, Spring Greens is a light green that is super versatile and perfect for springtime.

  • Life's a Beach

    Life happens. And sometimes, Life’s a Beach. The Life’s a Beach smoothie gets it and is here for you. Variegated teals make up this colorway, transporting you to a warm, relaxing beach to help you decompress.

  • Ocean Breeze

    As Life’s a Beach’s semi-solid pair, Ocean Breeze is a beautiful teal that represents the soothing feeling of being in your happy place.

  • Butterfly Dust

    Butterfly Dust is one of those smoothies that’s almost too pretty to eat! Butterfly Dust is made up of delicate blues and purples that form beautiful patterns like you see on butterfly wings. 

  • Tide Pool

    One of Butterfly Dust’s semi-solid pairs, Tide Pool is a slightly purple leaning blue that is reminiscent of clear blue waters.

  • Lilac

    Butterfly Dust’s second semi-solid pair, Lilac is a dusty purple that is another springtime staple.

  • Rosy Cheeks

    Rosy Cheeks has a variegated light pink base and is topped with fuchsia “freckles”!

  • Pink Berry

    Pink Berry perfectly balances out the light and dark pinks from its variegate pair Rosy Cheeks.

  • Apple Cinnamon

    This colorway has a light beigey-brown base, then has layers of browns, reds, and toffees around the skein. It’s topped with subtle dark brown speckles!

  • Granny Smith

    A semi-solid bright yellow leaning green that looks just as fresh and crisp as the real apple!

  • Berry Peachy

    Inspired by a peach, raspberry pie, it has an orangey yellow (or yellowy orange?) base with rings of orange and red. It quite literally looks like a peach!

  • Berried Treasure

    Based on a peach, raspberry, blueberry pie, this colorway has a plum purple base to represent the blueberries. It is topped with rings of yellow, orange, and red so you can still see the peach and raspberry elements poking through.

  • Raspberry Jam

    A semi-solid bright, true red to bring out the raspberry elements!

  • Peach Out

    A semi-solid that matches the orangey yellow base of Berry Peachy.

  • Blueberry Smash

    A semi-solid that matches the plum purple base of Berried Treasure.

  • Blackberry Season

    A variegated colorway with a plum purple base and splashes of burgundy and deep purples that look just as sweet as blackberry pie filling.

  • Sprig of Mint

    This semi-solid colorway is a refreshing green that adds the perfect pop of color to compliment your blackberry pie.

  • Strawberry Rhubarb

    A rich colorway with pops of pink and red to match the sweet and tangy filling of a strawberry rhubarb pie.

  • Buttery, Flaky Crust

    A semi-solid warm, inviting brown that means the crust was baked just right.

  • Tarte Au Sucre

    A warm brown variegate to reflect the rich, classic French Canadian dessert.

  • French Vanilla

    A semi-solid warm, barely there, cream colorway.