Packaging Materials

All orders are shipped out in (at the very least) recyclable packaging. 

  • The mailers I use are thin-film recyclable. Even if they end up as litter, they will break down on land or in the ocean.
  • All of my inner packaging is also recyclable (labels, thank you cards, tissue paper, stickers). The stickers additionally have a recyclable liner that I recycle on my end.
  • If you receive your order in a plastic bag, those are also thin-film recyclable.
  • Similarly, my shipping labels are recyclable and have a recyclable liner that I recycle on my end.

If your order does not fit in my regular mailers or I have extra materials on hand, I will package your order in reused materials. I do this to reuse as many materials as possible and reduce waste.

  • If your order comes in a box, that is a reused, recyclable cardboard box and any plastic tape is removed and disposed of. I replace the plastic tape with a water-activated paper tape that is also recyclable. 
  • If your order comes in a reused mailer, I make sure that it indicates that it is recyclable (usually thin-film recyclable). 

Please remember to either reuse or recycle all packaging materials that you get from me with your order! If thin-film recycling, please make sure to bring it to an appropriate drop-off point.