2023 Calendar

Here's a summary of the collections and events that I have planned for the year (so far)! I will update the dates once I know them.

In-stock/smaller updates are a little harder to predict, so I probably won't include them in this list. Keep an eye on my Instagram and make sure to sign up for my newsletter to stay in the loop!

In-person events are highlighted in pink - I hope to see you there!


March 14 - Pie Club #1 (pre-order)

April 7 - Pie Club #2 (pre-order)

May 5 - Smoothie Bar Collection (pre-order)

May 7 - Maker's Market @ Slow North (Austin, TX)

May 13-14 - The Front Market @ Distribution Hall (Austin, TX)

May (mid-month) - Pie Club #3 (pre-order)

June (mid-month) - Pie Club #4 (pre-order)

June 23-25 - Houston Fiber Fest (Houston, TX)

July (mid-month) - Pie Club #5 (pre-order)

July (late-month) - Summer Collection (TBA) (pre-order)

August (mid-month) - Pie-Club #6 (pre-order)

September - Pie Club Collection (pre-order)

October 27-29 - Texas Fleece and Fiber Festival (Kerrville, TX)

December - Nutcracker 2.0 Collection (pre-order) 

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