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The Second Life (SL) yarn series have all been dyed with food scraps and/or fresh flowers. Examples of food scraps used as dye materials include avocado skins/pits, onion skins, and more. Using these as dye materials is a fantastic way to give food scraps and flowers a second life before throwing them away or composting them. Because of the variability of these dyes, each listing should be considered as one of a kind. Please make sure to get enough yarn to complete your project as I can't promise another skein of the same color tone. 

An important note about food scrap/flower dyes is that some dyes are known to be fugitive. This means that the color may fade to a lighter shade or shift over time faster than other natural or synthetic dyes. This isn't necessarily a negative thing and it can be fun to see if/how the color shifts, but it just depends on what you're looking for when you purchase yarn. I generally try to use dye materials that are known to be longer lasting, but each listing indicates the dye materials used and whether the color may change over time. The yarn in this series is marked with (SL) and is listed at a discounted price.

All yarn listed here is in-stock and will ship out within 1-3 business days of your order.

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