The Nutcracker Collection

I grew up dancing for 10 years, and every year we would put on a production of The Nutcracker. This ballet production is really special to me - it was such a fun thing to look forward to every year (though it was a ton of rehearsals and hard work) and I had the opportunity to dance almost every role throughout the years. The younger dancers had their roles, and as you get older, you move up to other roles. You were really able to grow up with the production which made it so special to us and our families. 

It’s a classic story that I’m sure many of you are familiar with, but each production is a little different. This collection is inspired by the costumes and sets of the production I danced from the Linda Jamieson School of Dance.

This is a pre-order that will be available through 12/23. The turnaround time will be announced once the collection closes. 

Note: I won't be able to get my Pure Sport and Pure DK bases until the end of January. Any orders containing these bases will be held until closer to the end of the turnaround time. I will be shipping as orders are complete, so if your order does not contain these bases, you'll get it much sooner!

You can also check out my highlight on Instagram called "The Nutcracker Collection" which has everything you need to know, or can point you in the right direction, about the pre-order! It also has some great color combos for inspiration.

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